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‘Qyrcle’ or Quran Circle is an online platform created to bring the experience of learning the Quran online through verified teachers (Ustaz). The only one efficient, credible, and effective Al-Quran teaching and learning platform which houses highly-qualified teachers worldwide

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Quran Directory

Easy-to-use system for all

Qualified Teachers

Worldwide and world-class teachers

Live Streaming

Private, one-to-one teaching as the core value

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Integrated and well-organised learning system

Main Features

Learn Quran Online

With Qyrcle, you’ll be able to learn the Quran from verified teachers through live streaming.

Track Payment

Track payments for online classes made between you and teachers.

Teacher Marketplace

Explore the marketplace and search from over 100 verified teachers to choose from.

Teacher Profile

View teacher’s profile to learn more about their qualification. Feel free to book a session with them and choose the most suitable time slot.

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